Troisième conférence d’Elizabeth Hill Boone, Lundi 31 mai 2010, 16h-18h, EPHE, Salle Corbin

Cycle de conférence d’Elizabeth Hill Boone, Lundi 31 mai 2010, 16-18h, EPHE, Salle Corbin. (Entrée 17 rue de la Sorbonne, Escalier E, 1er étage).
« Ideologies in Translation: The Graphic Restructuring of Religious Knowledge in Sixteenth-century Mexico. »

Troisième conférence : « The Graphic Mexicanization of Catholic Ideology ».
This session looks at the graphic reproduction of texts containing Catholic doctrine, especially in the form of catechisms presented in symbols and figures rather than in letters and words. Mexican pictography had to undergo a radical change in purpose in order to replicate holy texts; syntactically it became more like the alphabetic texts of Europe, whereas semantically it followed traditional forms of pictography. A focus will be on the indigenous expression of Catholic knowledge.

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