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Conférence d'Elizabeth Boone, lundi 7 juin 2010, 16h-18h, EPHE, salle Corbin, Sorbonne

Lundi 7 juin,  EPHE, salle Corbin (entrée 17, rue de la Sorbonne, escalier E, 1er étage)

Quatrième conférence d’Elizabeth Hill Boone

« The European Construction of Aztec Religion »
This session examines the functional and semiotic tensions between European and indigenous graphic codes in the cultural encyclopedias of early colonial Mexico (e.g., Codex Magliabechiano and its cognates, Codex Telleriano-Remensis and Vaticanus A/Ríos, and the pictorial codices of Sahagún and Durán). The images that are the foundation for the explanatory glosses and texts were extracted from their former matrix in traditional pictography and came to signify differently in the encyclopedias. They themselves became functionally and conceptually European at the same time that they adopted some European stylistic features. Moreover, European cultural classifications determined what knowledge was gathered and how it was organized. This session will show how encyclopedic project was fundamentally a European one, an outgrowth of earlier attempts to categorize and record the cultural practices of foreigners.

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Conférence d'Araceli Rojas Martínez Gracida, lundi 7 juin 2010 14h-16h, EPHE, salle Corbin, Sorbonne

Lundi 7 juin,  EPHE, salle Corbin (entrée 17, rue de la Sorbonne, escalier E, 1er étage)
14h-16h : Conférence d’Araceli Rojas Martínez Gracida (Université de Leiden, Pays Bas) : « Mujeres que cuentan los días en San Cristóbal Chichicaxtepec (Mixe, Oaxaca) »

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Conférence d'Elizabeth Boone, Lundi 17 mai 2010, 16h-18h, EPHE, Salle Corbin

Lundi 17 mai 2010, 16h-18h, EPHE, Salle Corbin.
Conférence d’Elizabeth Boone (Directeur d’Etude Invité,Tulane University)
« Ideologies in Translation: The Graphic Restructuring of Religious Knowledge in Sixteenth-century Mexico. »
« Multi-visuality in Sixteenth-century Mexico »
This session analyzes the contemporaneous employment of alternative forms of graphic discourse in early colonial Mexico. It focuses on the three major systems that contributed to the graphic complexity (pictography, alphabetic writing, illusionistic figuration), and it analyses how these systems were influenced (or not) by the others. Individuals with functioning literacy in one system often became adept in the others, and hybrid systems developed to respond to the graphic communicative needs of the ideological and social mix that was colonial Mexico.
Une traduction simultanée en français est prévue.

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Travaux pratiques sur les textes ethnohistoriques, lundi 14 juin, 13h-14h

Travaux pratiques sur les textes ethnohistoriques
Directeur d’études : Mme Danièle Dehouve
Dernière séance : lundi 14 juin, de 13h à 14h, Sorbonne, salle Corbin.

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